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The Giants upon whose shoulders we stand

We created this page on Saturday May 2, 2009. The world in which we live in allows us to create a site that shows all of the History of Photography. Our lives currently are saturated with images. The average cost of a 12 mega-pixel digital camera costs anywhere between $700-2500+. While Kodak produces amateur cameras below $100. The number of photographs of Barak Obama range the millions. Everyone can be an amateur photographer. The field is saturated. Cell phones with cameras are increasingly becoming more efficient and some news sources rely on the products from disasters (ie: September 11) when their professional photographers can't get to the scene.

There still and forever will be a divide between the art and science of photography. This divide has become a giant chasm with the increasing efficiency of digital cameras. Digital cameras like any other new innovation within photography since it's inception increase

Truth : Personal Truths

After having witnessed Lucy Goodson's passion and dedication to the History of Photography in spite of the trying circumstances she has faced this semester, her late night preparation for the forums and her increasing ease in front of the audience is admirable. Lucy said, "A still life can be set up and you can ask six different people to take photographs of the same subject. Every photograph will be different." Photography is an art form that relies on a machine and is often stereotyped as being a quick-and-easy simple form but it's artistic merit and the giants whose shoulders we stand upon (those who Lucy so eloquently elucidated) justify its merit and our artistic visions. It's the images that are unexpected the snap-shots of a life paused momentarily on paper captured and in essence attempting immortality: this is our photographic truth.

Kim Hoff & Sam Jacobo


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